Our commitment to quality
Vivian Construction leads in our
commitment to quality

Our commitment to Quality

Vivian Construction prides on itself on being a high end quality construction company and achieve this by having a robust internal Quality assurance system. At the end of the project our Quality assurance inspections should be able to reflect the correct build process dictated by the plans and specifications has been followed and to a high standard. To achieve this high standard we will:

Implement and maintain a quality management system that conforms with the principals of AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – Requirements;

Training of employees on good QA practises and to regularly review standards and procedures

Strive to make sure the work is completed correctly and to a high standard the first time to avoid extra costs with re-work

A quality assurance schedule is done before construction starts on site so that the site manager has a complete list of QA checks that need to be done through out the project. From the QA schedule our quality assurance records are kept through our online cloud based system Procore where our system runs out a full list of inspection forms are uploaded before construction start.

Vivian construction has compiled a comprehensive QA system through procore – a web / cloud based system that can be modified in real time. Our quality records reflect the compliance to procedural requirements.

Some of the processes that we record are (but not limited to):

Inspection records

In house QA forms for each process in the project detail with photos & specifications

QA inspections to include Engineer / Council inspections

Quality Audits

Daily health and safety requirements

Producer statements

Trade guarantees

Safety inspections & Audits

Environmental audits

Traffic management plan

View of the Aroha Apartments from above in the early evening. The shared roof space has people relaxing and the solar panels are clearly visible.